Friday Favorites #6

It’s not Friday, but that’s not stopping me from calling it Friday Favorites anyway.  You never know what kind of craziness you’ll run in to over here.  That’s how I roll.  That’s especially how I roll when it is the first hot weather week of the year, and my air conditioning isn’t running yet.  Don’t get me wrong, I prefer summer over winter every day of the week, but the part I don’t love is begging my husband to climb on the roof to start the air conditioner.

And yes, I would rather suffer than climb on the roof myself.

The heat is not the only exciting thing that happened this week, and I would just feel terrible if I didn’t share every intimate detail with you.


Stuff I did this week:

I hung out with teenagers.  Teenagers who wanted me around.  ‘Cuz I’m cool like that.
I broadened my horizons with a coconut post… on someone else’s blog.
I searched high and low (i.e. I used the search bar on Pinterest) for ways to use the Coconut Oil that I agreed to review.

Fantastic recipes I didn’t make but wish I had:

These cookies are like crack.  Crack with all your favorite things in it.
It’s just as magical as an actual flock of monarchs.
It’s s’mores week.  Haven’t you heard?
Sometimes I’m amazed at the colorful stuff you can make at home.
I usually just eat it with a spoon.  But this works too. 

More fascinating stuff you can expect from me next week:

Flickr is like a crystal ball.  Because it has pics of cookies I haven’t even blogged about yet.
I forced my 10 year old to make dinner… and I’ll be pretending it was all me by blogging about it on someone else’s blog.
I went crazy and used 6 ingredients in the 3 ingredient whoopie pies.
I’ve become obsessed with coconut oil and one recipe I can’t seem to get right.

Between now and next week, I’ll be searching high and low, and through the search bar on Pinterest, for more fantastic stuff to share with you.

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites #6

  1. Lisa @ Sweet 2 Eat Baking

    Send us some of that good weather to here across the pond please. We’re having a drought at the moment yet had torrential rain the past week and everywhere is flooding yet still not enough water! On, and here in the UK, most houses don’t have AC. When we do get hot weather, we just all suffer, LOL.

    I’m kinda addicted to Pinterest at the moment. I’ve been a member for some time now and still not figured how to use it. How do you find out what baking trends are on there? If I go on the Food/Drink section it just shows everything. I guess I’m doing something wrong here!

  2. Jen Post author

    I don’t know about trends, but I sometimes use the search bar when I’m looking for something specific. I try to follow other bloggers who blog about baking, and that way I can always see new and fresh baking ideas.


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