Friday Favorites #5: Best Recipes This Week From Around the Blogosphere

Last weeks favorites were all about chocolate, but this week’s theme seems to be fruit.  I guess it’s appropriate, because it’s spring.  As I write this, I’m listening to birds chirping, and looking at blossoming fruit trees and grey skies.  I’m even planting herbs and veggies this week.  (I hope I can find time to plant the thyme.  Ba-dum-bum.)  This week, I personally used 5 grapefruits, 4 lemons, 2 boxes of strawberries, 1 plantain, and a whole bag of oranges.  I created a lemon pancake syrup which I am now seriously addicted to.  I am loving every minute of this fruity-spring thing!

I think I may have mentioned before that I teach piano.  I keep a little jar of motivation on my cabinet.  Two jars, to be precise.  One is filled with individually wrapped hard candies, and the other is full of individually-wrapped candy that is suitable for kids with braces.  So, chocolate, basically.  Things like Jolly Ranchers and Blow Pops are most definitely out for braces kids.  If your mouth is braces-free, though, you might want to give this fun beverage a try.  It’s called a Blow Pop Martini, but it’s alcohol-free and kid-friendly.

Blow Pop Martinis from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Why does Key Lime Pie always remind me of Florida?  Who knows.  I need to form some new associations.  Over at Craving Chronicles, it seems Key Lime Pie reminds her of her dad, who recently had a birthday.  And thus was born the amazing Key Lime Cake.  I think it was a brilliant move!

Key Lime Cake from Craving Chronicles

I’m no stranger to diet soda.  I’ve even been known to use it to bake cakes, although that pretty much only happens when I’m camping, and cooking outdoors, and don’t feel like washing a bowl of cake batter by hand.  I might have to reconsider that decision, after looking at these Diet Cherry Soda Brownies.  They look all fudgy and delicious, just like I like them!

Diet Cherry Soda Brownies from Country Cleaver

How do you feel about fruit in your Krispie Treats?  Because I feel great about it.  I think I might need to try this version before the big Rice Krispie Treat Death Match in August!!  Bluebonnets and Brownies actually did these as a guest post, so you’ll have to click through to get the actual recipe.

Raspberry Peach Marshmallow Squares from Bluebonnets and Brownies

Let’s round out this fruit theme with some strawberry scones.  I think these caught my eye because I know I have strawberries in my fridge.  I’m never at a loss for what to do with them.  On the contrary, this week I had to decide whether to use them in dessert or breakfast!  Tough decision!

Strawberry Scones from Confections of a Foodie Bride


Check out the other stuff that’s been going on around here:

I was featured at this awesome blog.
I was given a major award… sort of major award… okay, it’s mostly a networking thing, but I still think it’s awesome.
I gave out some awards of my own.
I started a new Pinboard just for this blog.  Because I can’t get enough of myself.


Next week on Jen’s Favorite Cookies:

I’ll be teaching some teenage girls to make dinner (and dessert!)…
I’ll be guest posting at a friend’s blog… (this one is about coconut!)
I’ll be posting about these fantastic Red Velvet Sugar Cookies with to die for Cream Cheese Frosting

Let’s hope I can stay awake for all of it.

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