Orange Ice Cream Freeze

A recipe for a flavored ice cream and soda drink.

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My husband thought it would be a good idea to rent a video and have snacks Friday night.  And by snacks, he meant buttered popcorn and ice cream sodas. (ice cream + chocolate syrup + club soda)  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against buttered popcorn and ice cream sodas, but I really wanted to spice them up somehow.  It’s a disease.  I have this dream that if I just add or change one element of a recipe to make it a little better, my husband will magically fall in love with the food and ask for it over and over.  And tell me how great I am.  I always think I can do it just a little bit better. It’s a dream I really need to let go of.

Actual conversation with husband:
Me: Can I make fancy popcorn?
R: (making weird face that says “Please don’t.”)  Like garlic Parmesan or something?
Me: Fine.  I’ll make boring popcorn.  Can I make a fancy drink?
R: *sigh*
Me: You know I blog about food, right?
R: What did you have in mind? I want something orange and cold.  Mostly cold.
Me: I could make those handmade sodas I did at Christmas.  But with orange.  Did you like those?
R:  (Shaking head) Not really.
Me: What?!  Why not?
R: They are too syrupy and sweet.  And they’re kind of bitter at the end.
Me: (filling with irritation) FINE.  I’ll make your boring sodas too.
R: Can you make it with orange?  I’m really in the mood for orange.
Me: I saw a recipe for a lime freeze today.  It’s limes and ice cream and soda, and I could make it with oranges instead of limes.
R: (skeptically) I guess that sounds okay.

Okay?  OKAY?!  I don’t know what he is talking about.  It sounds fantastic.  I seriously thought I was going to strangle him.  It’s lucky I was away from him for a few minutes when I went to the store for oranges ($2.50/bag) and ice cream ($2.50 also) and 7up ($0.79).

The freeze’s were super easy to mix up.  I let the ice cream soften a few minutes, then plopped a fair amount in the blender with some 7up.  I used 2 oranges, and squeezed the juice right into the blender.  I finished them off with a few ice cubes and some red and yellow food coloring, about 3-4 drops of each.  It makes 2 regular or 3 small sodas.

In my case, the midgets were still awake, so I first made 3 small, and then made 2 regular for R and me.  It used the entire carton of ice cream, which is honestly probably a good thing!  Offspring #1 called them “Magic in a glass.”  He’s a little prone to the dramatic, but it was still a wonderful compliment.  Even R confessed that it was exactly what he was looking for, and a really good choice.

One of these days, he is going to learn to trust me!

Orange Ice Cream Freeze
An ice cream and soda drink made with citrus fruit.
Recipe type: Snacks
Serves: 2
  • Vanilla ice cream (I like Dreyer's Vanilla Bean, and used about half the tub)
  • Lemon-Lime soda (I used maybe a cup-ish of 7up)
  • 2 oranges (or 2-3 limes or lemons)
  • 4-5 ice cubes
  • food coloring (optional)
  1. Juice the citrus fruit, and let the ice cream soften a bit. Put all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into glasses and serve immediately.
  3. (I realize there are no amounts. It's one of those recipes where you can make it however you want. If you like it thin, add more soda. Too strong for you? Add more ice.)

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