Friday Favorites #1: The best recipes this week from the blogosphere

I’ve decided to start a new tradition.  I hope you like it.  The truth is that I see way more recipes than I could ever make.  Way more. It’s kind of unfortunate, and gives me a little twinge of regret sometimes, but there you go.  I’ll assuage my guilt by sharing the most awesome things I’ve seen recently with you.

Have you seen Sprinkle Bakes?  I love this blog.  It’s so cute.  This week she made the most beautiful lollipops with flowers in them.  She even posted a whole list of edible flowers that you can use.  I cannot believe how beautiful and spring-like these look!

Spring Flower Lollipops from Sprinkle Bakes

I’m kind of on a nut-kick lately.  My favorite are walnuts, but I’ve been mostly eating almonds.  I love that moment when the almond is almost gone, and you get that back-end almond-oil flavor.  It’s my favorite part.  Which is why I sat and stared at this photo from Scarletta Bakes for close to 5 full minutes.  I mean tell me a simple, unfrosted almond cake is not a fabulous idea!!

Heavenly Almond Cake from Scarletta Bakes

Cookies and Cups is one of my favorite blogs.  Shelly has fabulous ideas, not the least of which are these cookie sticks.  I think they would be perfect for little toddler hands, or big crowds, or light eaters.  She made them all cute and Easter-ish with pastel m&m’s, but I think they would be easy to customize for just about anything.

(For the record, she also made Blow Pop cupcakes this week, which I think sound pretty gross, but I’m pretty sure my daughter would love!  There’s something about bubble gum flavoring that rubs me the wrong way.  I can’t believe how stinkin’ cute they are, though!)

Cookie Sticks from Cookies and Cups

Speaking of recipes that are perfect for spring, how about these Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests from Two Peas & Their Pod?  Maria always makes adorable cookies (and even has a new cookie cookbook coming out!) and this is no exception.  She made the macaroons into thumbprints, and filled them with heavenly Nutella, and topped them off with candy eggs.  Is there anything more spring-y than bird nests?!

Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests from Two Peas & Their Pod

Annie’s Eats is another favorite of mine, because her recipes are always so fantastic!  I mean, key lime cupcakes?  Are you kidding me?  My mouth is watering as we speak.  Graham crackers, key limes, whipped cream frosting… what’s not to love?  Incidentally, check out her key lime curd while you are there.

Key Lime Cupcakes from Annie’s Eats

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